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vara's Journal

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Define my life? Hmm. Well, here we go:

I'm 17 years old and as confused as any teen can get. But that's ok, because I use my pain constructively. I love life and I pour all of my emotion into art, poetry, writing, and especially music. I play many different instruments and I am going to be a musician (even though I'll end up living in a box....I'll be a happy box-dweller)no matter what my father has to say about it. I also love people and I pride myself on being a compassionate listener. I like to help with whatever pain people are going through. The only things I hate are liars, hypocrites, and people who change their morals as often as their clothes.
I am a very liberal person and I've learned a lot about what life has to offer already--let's leave it at that.

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