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Oh my God! Well, in a way this kinda makes sense, because every time something cool happens something really messed up happens in turn. My store got robbed at gunpoint about 5 minutes after I left on Staurday night! I am so never EVER going to let them schedule me to close! Ahhh! It's so freaky, because my momma was telling me how she didn't even want to let me work until 11 because she was afraid that if someone were going rob they'd do it late, and I laughed at her (we live in a really rich, snotty community and I honestly never thought this kinda stuff happened here). Then it happened, that very same day. Talk about mother's intuition! OH my GOD! SO now I'm sitting at home waiting for a detective to come ask me some questions, even though I honestly don't remember anything out of the ordinary.....oooooh, I am so freaked out right now.
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