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It goes on

School again today. I didn't get much sleep last night and I've been in a pretty goofy mood all day, but overall it's been "spec-tacular"! A friend of mine that graduated last year is going to Marquette, but commuting, and he has the most gorgeous German exchange student living with him this year. Needless to say, things are looking WAY up. I met him a year ago when he was here just visiting, so at least for now I'm the only friend he has at school and goes out of his way to run into me during the day. (sigh) I just hope he has a tenacious attention span when it comes to people.
I started my new job at Blockbuster last night. It's a change from my other one (I have been working in a salon mixing haircolor and answering phones for three years) because in that job I sat down all day and now I'm always on my feet. I'm keeping the other job too, just one day a week, because there are fringe benefits like free styling for homecoming and $5 for full highlights. At least I'll be making a lot more money than I used to. YAY. Well for now that's about it....later....
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